Before and After

Facial Paralysis from Penetrating Trauma

Facial nerve repair through multiple cable grafts

5 months

17 months





Pregnancy Associated Bell's Palsy

Physical Therapy and BOTOX

Gracilis by Ipsilateral Nerve-to-Masseter

One stage Gracilis by 5

Bilateral Facial Paralysis pre op smile 

Smile 6 months after bilateral gracilis muscle transfer driven by Masseteric nerve

Dually innervated dual vector gracilis 

Lyme Disease

6 Months after V to VII and Cross face nerve transfer

Congenital Facial Paralysis

3 Months

5 Months

Bell's Palsy

Spontaneous Recovery

Mid-Facial Denervation

Bell's Palsy

Parotid Cancer

Glomus Tumor

Gracilis by Ipsilateral 7 and Physical Therapy

Bell's Palsy

Cable graft


Mid-Facial Denervation

Bell's Palsy

Dual Vector Gracilis

Acoustic Neuroma

Bell's Palsy

Mid-Facial Denervation

Mid-Facial Denervation

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