Pre-Operative Instructions

for Office based procedures

The instructions listed below will help you prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Please come to the Facial & Cosmetic Surgery Center (9th floor) on the day of your procedure.

  • Please do NOT take aspirin, products that contain aspirin, or other drugs that interfere with normal blood clotting for two weeks prior and two weeks after your procedure. See complete list. Please check with your primary care physician or cardiologist before stopping aspirin or prescription medications, or if you have questions regarding a medication.

  • Do not use tobacco or drink alcohol for 2 weeks prior to, and following the procedure.

  • You may eat and drink normally prior to your procedure.

  • Dress comfortably, and do not wear make-up. Depending upon which procedure you are having, you may wish to bring sunglasses, a large scarf and/or a hooded sweater.

  • Do not bring valuables with you. 

  • It is preferable, but not required, to have someone pick you up after surgery.

  • Depending upon your procedure, pain medication and/or antibiotics may be prescribed. 

  • A bag of frozen peas or crushed ice may be used as cold packs to help reduce swelling. They are both form-fitting and easy to separate into small zip-lock bags. 

  • A prescription for anti-anxiety medication is available for patients who are experiencing severe pre-operative anxiety.

  • Please do not plan to board an airplane on the day of surgery.

  • If your insurance company does not cover your procedure, payment is due on the day of the procedure and can be made in the form of cash, credit card, or bank check. Please be aware that although all or a portion of your procedure may be covered by your insurance, you may still be held responsible for significant fees, including coinsurance, deductible, or copay. Our office DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO INDIVIDUAL POLICY DETAILS, and as such cannot accurately estimate your portion of the fees. If you have questions regarding what you will be financially responsible for, please contact your insurance company.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 617-573-4193