Eyelid Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

After your eyelid surgery it's normal to experience:

  • A small amount of blood oozing from incisions

  • Mild pain or discomfort

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Redness in the white part of the eye

Call the office if you experience:

  • Severe or increasing pain on 1 side

  • Vision changes

  • Large amounts of active bleeding

  • Fever of greater than 101 degrees

  • Nausea and vomiting that lasts beyond the first day

  • Increasing redness or itching

Quick post-op reminders:

  • You should apply the antibiotic ointment directly onto the stitches twice daily until the tube runs out.

  • Apply ice packs as much as possible for the first 2 days. After day 2, ice should be applied for 20-40 minutes twice a day, for three more days.

  • You may shower the day after your procedure and gently shampoo your hair. Do not let the water hit your eyelids directly.

  • Do not exercise until your post-op visit, usually around 12 days, although walking is permitted.

  • You may resume taking Aspirin or drinking alcohol after 4 days if you have had no bleeding or other problems.