My face swelled up a lot after the operation. Is that normal?

Swelling is totally normal—swelling typically peaks at day 3 following surgery, so you might actually notice that your face is even puffier and more full tomorrow, before it slowly starts getting better (Friday was day 1 after surgery, today day 2, so swelling should peak tomorrow [day 3] and then gradually improve).

Can I use moisturizer on my face after an operation?

You can use moisturizer on your face, just take care to avoid getting into the incision lines for 24 hours, just to allow things to recover after suture removal.

I'm getting little bumps between my mouth and where the stitches
are in my cheek.  Is there something I can put on it?

The stitches inside the cheek should have dissolved within a few weeks, so you should see the
resolution of those bumps in short order.  

Can I wear makeup after the procedure? Not a lot, but if I want to put a little
bit on, can I?

You can wear makeup, just not in the incision lines or 48 hrs after suture removal. 


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