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“Having suffered a significant injury to my face from a chain saw, including nerve damage and severing a saliva duct, finding the Facial Nerve Center was a stroke of luck.  The team was professional, highly skilled, competent and acted with urgency to repair the damage right away.  After reconstructive surgery and time to heal, my facial motor functions have returned and smiling, speaking, even whistling, have returned to normal.  I can’t say enough about the quality of care and treatment I received.”

"Words don’t do it justice as to how transformative the Facial Nerve Center at Mass. Eye and Ear has been on my life. For the first time in 8 years since the onset of my Bell's palsy, I can smile again! This, in itself, is huge as I found not being able to smile depressing. This has not only given me back the ability to express happiness but my zest for living. I am working again, socializing and enjoying life! Embarrassed to admit, I labored for over six years about whether to have the gracilis surgery and it went better than I could ever have wished. Thank you to the amazing team!"

"I have waited for what seems like forever to smile again. The Facial Nerve Center team at Mass. Eye and Ear gave me a smile once before, I lost it, and NOW they have done it again. I wish I had the words to convey the excitement I feel. I had no idea how much confidence I had lost. Now, I feel beautiful when I smile in the mirror. That feeling has been missing for years. I can show just how I am feeling with my smile. There has to be truth behind the idea of a smile having the power to change a life. This new smile has changed mine. The entire team in the Facial Nerve Center has been helpful and supportive through the entire journey: pre-surgery, post-op, and recovery."

“I was 30 years old with a newborn when I found out I had a brain tumor. After an 18-hour surgery and excellent care at Mass. Eye and Ear/Mass General I was sent home with complete facial paralysis on my left side to begin the healing process. I was told there was no way to know if I would regain some, any, or all movement. It was devastating. I did not truly begin my healing until I walked into the Facial Nerve Center at Mass. Eye and Ear. I immediately felt a sense of relief and understanding when I sat down for the first time with my physical therapist. No promises were made but I was educated about how many treatments were available, all the things I could try, all the things I could do on my own at home. I felt empowered! I was overwhelmed with a sense of hope. That is all I needed. My life was saved in two ways, by my wonderful surgeon and by the wonderful staff at the Facial Nerve Center who saved the essence of who I am as a woman, mother,  daughter, and wife.”

"Thank you for getting my smile back. I have been through too much and you [the Facial Nerve Center team] have helped tremendously."

“I am grateful for the expertise that this group [the Facial Nerve Center team] has provided me and I am especially grateful for their quick, insightful diagnosis as well as their expertise in facial and nerve regeneration. I am also pleased with their bedside manner; they have always been upbeat and cheerful to me. Their smiles are usually followed by “you look like a million bucks!” I dare to say that I would be hard pressed to find such a combination of medical experience and expertise anywhere else in this country and I am very glad that I live close enough to benefit from the teams of doctors at Mass. Eye and Ear.”

"Words cannot express our thankfulness to the Facial Nerve Center at Mass. Eye and Ear for the work and support given to Aaron. He is now able to smile at the world with both sides of his face!"

“Through hours of the most delicate surgeries imaginable, a nerve was transplanted from his lower leg area, and later a muscle from his thigh – he had a bionic face, and what a beautiful face it was. Combined with a generous supply of love and talent from physical therapists, they fixed it! The team made the smile return… and supplied an every day endless amount of happiness to him and hence directly to our entire family…"

“After effects of a virus had pulled my face over to one side. I assumed there was nothing to be done, but when I was referred to the Facial Nerve Center at Mass. Eye and Ear, the team gave me a few Botox shots, which returned my smile to almost natural. It was, and is, truly marvelous to have my face back, and I would recommend the treatment to anyone with a problem. I am so grateful.”

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