Feedback from our virtual visits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we took a step back from in-office visits and began offering virtual visits to our patients. In the 2 months that we've offered virtual visits, we've helped hundreds of patients with their facial weakness and the journey towards recovering their smile. Below we've included all the positive words we've had from patients who've experienced a virtual visit with us at the Facial Nerve Center.

"I recently had a virtual visit with the Facial Nerve Center team. Aside from the visit being a success in terms of diagnosing and treating my problem, the virtual experience was fantastic. I had minimal previous experience with Zoom, but got meeting information via email and was able to connect with ease. I was greeted by a member of the office staff as if I had physically entered the office lobby. I moved through the various stages of my appointment seamlessly and was even able to get picture and video done through the camera in my iPad for my file. I would highly recommend using a video appointment, not only during the state-ordered stay at home period, but even in the future to avoid the hassle of an office visit. [The Facial Nerve Center] team made the experience easy and just as productive as a face-to-face appointment."

-Laura S.

"I had waited several weeks for my appointment and when it was cancelled due to Covid, I understood. Admittedly, I was sad, discouraged and concerned with a situation that was creating worsening corneal dryness with each passing day. When to my surprise, I was scheduled for a Zoom consult, I was thrilled. The appointment was much like sitting in an office with my doctor, except that we were conversing, me from the comfort of my home. The video was clear, the assessment and history thorough, picture taking was effortless and I never felt that the appointment was rushed. The 2 tech support people were helpful while present to assist with minor glitches. The only drawback? When the appointment was over and the recommended procedure for my eye was scheduled for the very next day, I couldn’t say thank-you with a huge hug to the Facial Nerve Center team.🤗🤗🤗🤗"

"It was easy and the only difference was no physical contact. It totally felt like I got the needed care and assessment virtually. It was great, highly recommend. We were first timers & thought we’d feel like we wouldn’t get what we needed, but it worked out great. Through the virtual meeting, we have a great plan. It all feels right."

"From start to finish the team was excellent. Thanks so much. Stay safe."

"Thanks for being flexible in these crazy times. Appreciate all you do."

If you've like to schedule a virtual visit, please reach out at 617-573-3641, no matter where you are located, or what stage of facial paralysis you are in.

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