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Thank you Katharina Hollmann

Last week we welcomed 3rd year Medical Student Katharina Hollmann to the Facial Nerve Center. Katharina comes to our center from University of Wuerzburg in Germany to observe our doctors in clinic and in the OR.

Facial Nerve Surgeon Dr. Andreas Kehrer referred Katharina to our center because "it is one of the most highly established Facial Nerve Centers in the world, with worldwide cited publications, and heavy focus on research and education."

Katharina is a member of The German Academic Scholarship Foundation, which is Germany’s largest and most prestigious scholarship foundation. She is highly interested in neuroscience and literature and is active in yoga and boxing.

Since visiting our Facial Nerve Center, Katharina has learned innovative operating techniques and has learned from our data-based and experienced patient assessments. While she eagerly looks forward to seeing a gracilis muscle transfer soon and is interested in getting an insight into our Surgical Photonics & Engineering Lab.

Katharina is currently staying in Boston to work in Cheng lab as a non-employee graduate student in molecular pathology until October 2023.

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