Staff Spotlight Series: Mara Robinson

Staff Spotlight!

Get to know Mara Wernick Robinson.

Mara is best known as one of the Facial Nerve Physical Therapists here at the Facial Nerve Center. She attended school at the University of Delaware and MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Mara has been involved with facial palsy for 17 years with 15 of those years at Mass. Eye & Ear. Mara has been featured on doing webinars for Facial Rehab back in 2017. She has another live webinar on there in January 2020.

When Mara is not at work, she enjoys yoga, running (she’s run 5 marathons), and tennis. Most of her time is spent with her 2 children, but she is working towards her yoga certification.

Mara has contributed a lot to the rehabilitation of facial palsy, Mara incorporates patient education, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular retraining as well as motivational strategies to improve function and quality of life for people who have been affected by facial paralysis. To read some of her work, check it out here.

While at MGH Institute of Health Professions, Mara received the 1995 Marjorie K. Ionta Award for Clinical Excellence. She was also a recipient of the Stefanie Macaluso Excellence in Clinical Practice Award in 2003.

Mara is greatly appreciated as you can tell from the many Thank You letters she has received from her patients.

From working at Mass. Eye & Ear, she has learned that everyone handles facial paralysis differently. Mild facial paralysis may disrupt someone’s day to day work, whereas another with complete flaccid paralysis is able to go on and manage their disability with no disruption to their everyday work. And we cater to everyone’s individual goals/limitations whether it’s asymmetric or flaccid.

When asked what Mara enjoys the most from her work environment, she said the uniqueness of the team at the Facial Nerve Center that provides care for people that have been told nothing can be done for many years and from many doctors, and give them a sense of hope. Mara credits the team approach at MEEI to the success of patient outcomes.

Mara with a patient using the EMG Biofeedback to retrain muscles in the face

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