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Thank you Kevin Zuo

Last week we welcomed Dr. Kevin Zuo to the Facial Nerve Center. Dr. Zuo came to observe and learn from our doctors after just finishing his fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center the week before. He had previously completed residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Zuo chose to visit our center due to it being considered the top center of innovation and research in developing and improving surgical techniques and patient evaluation methods. Dr. Zuo states, "[It is] A remarkably organized multidisciplinary institute. I've read and cited many of Dr. Hadlock's papers in the past for my facial paralysis research studies working with Dr. Greg Borschel and Dr. Ron Zuker as a resident."

While observing our doctors, Dr. Zuo was able to learn many things in just one week including gracilis flap harvest with mini incisions and flap thinning, DAO and DLI excision in office, synkinesis management with chemodenervation and surgical neurectomy, ERAS protocols for early discharge from hospital and opioid weaning, multiple cross face nerve grafts, and hypoglossal nerve transfer.

Dr. Zuo will be returning to the University of Toronto where he will be starting his career as a plastic surgeon supporting Dr. Heather Baltzer in helping to expand the adult facial paralysis program there.

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