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Thank you Peng Ding MD, Ph.D, MPAS

Last week we welcomed Dr. Peng Ding from Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Ding has worked all over the world including 8 years in General ENT in China before graduating PA school last year at George Washington University. And she is very interested in research related to facial paralysis.

Dr. Ding chose to visit the Facial Nerve Center at Mass. Eye & Ear because Dr. Patrick Byrne, chair of ENT at Cleveland Clinic Head and Neck Institute, said "they have an industry leading model for data capture related to facial paralysis research." Dr. Ding stated she really wanted to observe and learn from the best. Cleveland Clinic currently has four facial plastic surgeons in their Center for Facial Reconstruction and Facial Paralysis.

While visiting, Dr. Ding observed Dr. Hadlock and Dr. Jowett in clinic and learned from Facial Nerve Center media manager, TJ, how to take photos and videos of patients in a streamlined manner. Dr. Ding also expressed how surprised and impressed she was with our clinical standard of practice, "Dr. Hadlock is so highly efficient in organizing her clinic and analyzing data. Performing over 20 botox and 4 procedures in a morning."

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