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Welcome Dr. Brittany Vieira

Dr. Vieira assisting Dr. Jowett with harvesting the gracilis muscle in the leg.

Dr. Vieira assisting Dr. Jowett in harvesting the gracilis muscle from the leg

For the last 6 weeks we were pleased to welcome Dr. Brittany Vieira, resident physician, Harvard Plastic Surgery (MGH/Brigham) Doctorate in Medicine PGY-4.

Dr. Vieira is on her new rotation for the Harvard plastic surgery residents to spend some time learning from physicians at the Facial Nerve Center and the Facial & Cosmetic surgery center at Mass. Eye & Ear.

While at the Facial Nerve Center, Dr. Vieira wanted to learn the intricacies of facial reanimation including diagnosis & treatment and the clinic and OR operation. As well as observing functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty within our facility.

Prior to joining Harvard Medical School, Dr. Vieira attended Northwestern Medical School and Boston University.

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